Thursday, January 21, 2010

1983 and 1984 were 2 opposites

The 1983 summer like this was one of the hottest in Southern Australia and in the middle of it the Ash wednesday bushfires, at the very end of it about March 21, in other words the very last day of it there was a couple of inches of rain and everyone was jumping for joy, the drought is broken but I was saying HOLD IT, there must be a follow up, the rain was on a Monday but on the Tuesday there was a blistering dry blast furnace North Westerly and by 2PM all benefit of the rain gone. A horrific oven like drought April followed and the whole of South East Australia was alight in this month and early May, in April I was walking in Western Sydney on Anzac Day and our feet were getting bogged in the molten bitumen and in 4 lane major roads there were 4 car tracks , 2 on each side where cars went along in molten tar in the 42C conditions a month into Autumn. The very next summer was a Scotland one devoid of even one hot day and I was hiking in the Snowy Mts on the Australia Day weekend and our hike was called off due to blizzards at 1500 meters and flash flooding on the lower ground, we only just got out of there in time in my friends four wheel drive, in April of 1984 another nearby friend of mine went hiking in Western Sydney on Easter Sunday which dawned a bitter bleak south easterly day, we walked about 1 kilometer in the rugged bush and heavy rain commenced so we sheltered in a cave, as conditions were quickly getting worse I suggested that we climb up through the bush onto the road up the back of Thornleigh which was a steep 300 meter climb and the last 30 meters through a mans property, a man I knew, there was a phone booth and in the bitter cold I rang a cab rather than walk the 1 kilometer back in the most unseasonable conditions, we huddled in the phone booth waiting for the cab and when it come the news was on and Katoomba was blocked off by snow and ice only about 10 or 12 days into the Southern Autumn, the winter which followed was horrific as was the 1983 one both very similar big dump years in the Snowy mountains


  1. I was in England and Scotland that year. It wasn't all that cold in January.

  2. Isn't it time you added to your blog?