Monday, January 11, 2010

Hot early summer

It has been so HOT here in NSW throughout December and so far in January that I even feel sorry for the MYNAS and leave water out for them, most people wish the heat would kill them but although a pest we do not want to see them die of thirst and heat in this very hot dry early summer. Unfortunately at this time of the year as we move toward the 2 hottest months it can only get worse. All we can hope for that relief may come at the very start of Autumn on equinox day March 21, however we may have to wait until mid autumn as in 1983 after the Ash Wednesday bushfires and it is highly likely that this next 10 weeks will likely present some very savage bushfires here in NSW, forests are tinder dry in this area and we could very easily have a situation similar to last summers Black Saturday in Victoria

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